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    27 Perfect Gifts For Every Seinfeld Fan

    Give the gift of nothing.

    1. This poster, breaking down the best dance move ever.

    2. The hoodie that says it all.

    3. The Cropstanza

    This is art, tbh.

    4. This holiday tee.

    Ya know... for the rest of us.

    5. This elegantly designed calendar.

    6. This sassy pillow.

    7. George studs.

    8. These hand-painted mugs.

    9. This poster, celebrating ~that line~.

    10. This screenprinted poster of Where It All Went Down.

    11. This legit Kramer oil painting.

    12. Newman in all his glory.

    *grumbles* Newmannn.

    13. These iconic, engraved spoons.

    14. The Puffy Shirt, embroidered.

    15. This shirt, honoring the best fictional retirement community around.

    16. Seinfeld. Monopoly.

    "Additional features include six collectible tokens depicting infamous items from classic episodes: The Puffy Shirt, The Bro/Manzier, Fusilli Jerry, Marble Rye, Urban Sombrero and the Coffee Table Book."

    Oh hell yeah.

    17. This soothing key chain.

    18. This fancy watercolor painting.

    19. This perfectly simple phone case.

    20. This "I hope my friends get the reference" mug.

    21. The most important philosophy textbook ever.

    22. This super clever poster.

    23. These unique, beaded magnets.

    24. This cool-as-hell Elaine print.

    25. These simple-yet-perfect beanies.

    26. This ingenious Beatles/Seinfeld mash-up tote.

    27. This inspirational poster about togetherness.

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