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    23 Reminders That Humans Can Actually Be Really Sweet

    It ain't all bad out there.

    1. When this caring brother suited up to meet the newest member of his family.

    2. When the staff at this animal hospital went above and beyond.

    3. When some fourth-graders decided to form a club.

    4. When this mom was relentlessly positive and a guiding light to us all.

    5. When this guy made the most pure selfie-stick review.

    no YOU'RE crying at selfie stick reviews

    Twitter: @annahulkower

    6. When a 14-year-old boy wrote this message in the snow across from the hospital where his mother was getting treatment for leukemia.

    7. When Australian firefighter David Tree stopped to feed a koala during sweeping wildfires.

    8. When these big-hearted paramedics went the extra mile.

    9. When this fall superhero knew what we all needed.

    10. When Jeffrey came through, even in the dead of night.

    11. When this fast-food employee didn't let the elements stop him from helping a man in need.

    12. When a marine, Frank Praytor, tended to a kitten while in the trenches during the Korean War.

    13. When Quincy had this too-perfect moment with his idols.

    14. When this little girl showed buckets more compassion than some of our highest elected officials. 👀

    15. When a mysterious do-gooder wanted to make sure everyone was warm enough.

    16. When this burgeoning friendship was immortalized in rice and seaweed.

    17. When this daring rescue attempt paid off.

    18. When empathy knew no species.

    19. When a video game company brought a little girl's art to life.

    20. When this couple was never too old for Nerf.

    21. When a restaurant owner decided to help the homeless people in the neighborhood.

    22. When Daenerys was Elsa for a day.

    23. When this dad got an excellent tattoo.