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26 Couples Who Have This Whole Relationship Thing Figured Out

Take notes, everyone.

1. The cheesy couple:

2. The "I got your back" couple:

3. The couple with the game plan:

4. The never-a-dull-moment couple:

5. The couple who really understand sacrifice:

6. The "in good times and bad" couple:

7. The couple who will follow each other anywhere:

8. The "we really get each other" couple:

9. The breakfast-in-bed couple:

10. The couple who truly have it all figured out:

11. The "keeping each other on their toes" couple:

12. The "always up for adventure" couple:

13. The "anything for you" couple:

14. The "still got it" couple:

15. The culinary couple:

16. The ~dramatic gesture~ couple:

17. The "wheeeeeeeee" couple:

18. The whimsical couple:

19. The couple who share everything:

20. The "we make each other laugh" couple:

21. The inventive couple:

22. The Nugget Appreciation Society couple:

23. The role-playing couple:

24. The hot 'n' heavy couple:

25. The "even our fights are cute" couple:


26. The ultimate couple: