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    16 Reasons To Be Proud Of Your Gap Teeth

    Perfection is boring.

    1. First of all, gaps are mysterious and cute. FACT.

    2. The French know the deal โ€” their phrase for gap teeth is "dents du bonheur," literally translating to "lucky teeth."

    3. Some of the most beautiful people in history have had the gap.

    Ron Galella / WireImage

    Lauren Hutton

    Brigitte Bardot

    4. Actors and actresses with gaps are everywhere. They're succeeding all up over everything with their DGAF smiles.

    Getty/Kevin Winter/Staff

    Anna Paquin

    Getty/Daniel Zuchnik/Stringer

    Samuel L. Jackson

    5. There are plenty of smart and funny people to look up to.


    James Baldwin

    6. No braces, no retainer, no *shudders* headgear. Just you and your irresistible freakin' smile.

    7. You are not alone.

    8. You are so hot right now.

    And you have been since at least 2009.


    10. All the party tricks.

    11. Knowing how weirdly fun this move is.

    12. You're less likely to get food stuck in your teeth.

    Felix Mizioznikov / Via

    There's nowhere for that tiny annoying piece of spinach to nestle.

    13. One day, your gap could have its own Facebook group.

    14. You have a Signature Thing.

    15. Knowing all the haters and bullies are just jealous.

    Getty/Jason Kempin/Staff

    16. You are distinctly, transparently different. And that rules.

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