21 Pictures That Prove Humanity Has Truly Lost Its Way

    What did we do to deserve this?

    1. This "ingenious" "recipe":

    2. This "egg cake":

    3. This highly questionable breakfast:

    4. This unholy dip:

    5. This criminal pasta invention:

    6. This "steak and milky gravy":

    7. The Snickle™:

    8. This... can? Of cheeseburger?

    9. This cursed pairing:

    10. This bathtub "meal":

    11. This mayo, bologna, and mustard–based "dessert":

    12. This "chocolate egg":

    13. This disturbing representation of the food groups:

    14. This "experimental" burger:

    15. This fundamental misunderstanding of "medium rare":

    16. This troubling pasta soup ring:

    17. This terrifying turtle:

    18. This "culinary advancement":

    19. This pizza which, it must be said, is hardly pizza at all:

    20. This "soup bowl":

    21. And, of course, ramen jello: