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    23 Pictures Of Food That Will Calm You Right Down

    Mmmmmmm. (h/t r/oddlysatisfying)

    1. This delightful short n' tall stack.

    2. This abso-fricking-lutely perfect scoop of ice cream.

    3. This delightful carrot gradient.

    4. This sandwich, so precise it's almost mathematical.

    5. This massive macaron ice cream sandwich.

    6. This perfectly poised cheesecake.

    7. This rare and surreal 'cado.

    8. These rice cooker pancakes. So DANG fluffy.

    9. Or this ridiculously perfect flapjack.

    10. This irresistible soft serve swirl.

    11. This bread n' meat, destined to be together.

    12. This scoop of peanut butter, which is the Platonic ideal of scooped peanut butter.

    13. These swirly so-and-sos.

    14. This elegantly sliced watermelon.

    15. This cute n' curvaceous cone.

    16. This surgically peeled avocado.

    17. This grilled cheese, cooked so perfectly you can just about TASTE IT.

    18. This blessed peanut butter cup, gloriously unstuck to the wrapper.

    19. These floral cupcakes, where no detail was spared.

    20. This rare yolk pool in a bagel situation.

    21. This dizzying cherry stack.

    22. This perfect hybrid of waffle and cake.

    23. This natural and beautiful bounty of eggs.