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    11 Phrases We All Really Need To Stop Using

    Let's all just agree that these are not OK.

    1. "I drive better when I'm drunk/high."

    1) You don't.

    2) Saying that you do makes it seem like an OK thing to even attempt, which it is NOT.

    2. "This [tasty food item] is like crack."

    We get it, you think it's addictive. But crack addiction devastates lives and sometimes entire communities. It's just a weirdly culturally tone-deaf, totally unnecessary thing to say.

    3. "Stop being a crackhead."

    See previous. But even worse.

    4. "I just raped you, dude!" (while playing video games or something)

    1) No you didn't.

    2) Rape is not a casual, funny punchline. Although the debate rages on.

    5. "No homo."

    First of all, men showing emotion or tenderness around or toward other men is 1,000% OK, obviously. No need for a caveat. Secondly, it's never OK to casually demean all gay people in an attempt to be cute. It's not cute. Take some advice from Gandalf.

    6. "That's so gay."

    Equating "gay" with "bad/wrong" is awful and perpetuates an awful, bigoted perspective that we're moving swiftly away from every day. Don't be part of the problem.

    7. "That's retarded."

    See above. This one is pervasive and lazy and hurtful.

    8. "I would totally hit it."

    A slimy "bros hangin' out" classic with a nice side of implicit sexual assault. Honestly just kind of a gross way of saying you're attracted to someone. Try something else. Anything else.

    9. "She was asking for it."

    Unless someone, out loud, definitively, confirms that they want some form of "it" (ugh), then NO.

    10. "That's so ghetto."

    It's condescending, massively and blindly implies inferiority, and is generally classist and uncool. Some more thoughts here.

    11. "Bitches be like…"

    1) Chill with "bitches."

    2) If you mean women, they're not all LIKE anything.

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