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32 Nature Photos That Prove New Jersey Ain't The Armpit Of America

You think you Jersey's not beautiful? FAHGETABOUT IT!

1. To everyone who calls the great state of New Jersey a dump, we've got one question for you:

2. Do your dumps have pink skies?

3. No? What about pink cranberry bogs?

4. (It's like a lake full of Valentine's-themed M&Ms except healthier and less melty.)

5. Contrary to popular belief, New Jersey has trees.

6. Sometimes they're ruby red, unlike your cold, New-Jersey-hatin' heart.

7. Other times they're golden. (No, seriously, the trees in NJ are made of gold.)

8. And then there are times the trees in New Jersey are so pristinely white, it brings a tear to Ice T's weird eyes.

9. NJ even has stunning waterfalls. Right in the heart of Paterson, where you can get stabbed right in the heart.

10. And tiny, adorable watertrickles.

11. Maybe you've heard of our swamps. But did you hear that they're this frickin' cool looking?

12. Panorama worthy, yo.

13. There are sticks growing out of them and everything!

14. And our sunsets are 90% pollution, 100% siiiiick!

15. But even better than our swamps are our SHORES.




19. Eighteen-hundred glorious miles of coastline.

20. You can spot such majestic creatures as Humpback, Fin, and Right whales.

Cape May, NJ

21. Or, ya know, garden variety sea birds...

22. New Jersey is home to 11 lighthouses. How many lighthouses you got, Kansas?

23. Our winters are beautiful. And historic. George Washington fought here after Valley Forge.

24. Woodsy trails? Yeah, we got that.

25. Most of our rivers are just streams, but still. You can tube in some!

26. Vistas on top of vistas.

27. Roads on top of ROADS.


29. (No seriously, we have horses. It's the state animal).

30. DID WE MENTION? The Statue of Liberty is technically in NJ! New Jersey = AMERICA.

31. But(t) the best view ever is right HERE: