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The Better You Do On This Music Quiz, The Older You Are

How deep does your music knowledge go?

  1. What iconic '90s music video is this from?

    Sony BMG Music UK
  2. Complete this Neil Young song title: “_____ Girl"

  3. Finish this TOTO lyric: “I bless the rains down in...”

  4. Who was Paul Simon's longtime singing partner?

  5. Finish this Kanye West lyric: “She don't believe in shooting stars...”

  6. Which name has NOT appeared in a Beatles song title?

  7. What song did Jimi Hendrix famously play at Woodstock?

    Evening Standard / Getty Images
  8. Finish this Marvin Gaye lyric: “And when I get that feeling, I want…”

  9. Finish this Madonna lyric: “Just like a prayer…”

  10. Green Day had a hit song in 1994 called, “When I...”

  11. And finally, finish this Naughty By Nature song title: “Hip Hop..."