21 Things That Will Make You Pass Out With Rage

Why universe? WHY?

1. Seriously? Ugh.

2. Welp, this commute is gonna be great.

3. It just had to be there, didn’t it?

4. Just… open… god… dammit

5. *slaps forehead*

7. You gotta be kidding me.

20th Century Fox


8. *knowing shake of the head*

9. Dear jeans: covering the crotch is a basic and essential part of your job. Sincerely: BLARGH.

11. I will punch you, exclamation point.

12. DAMN. Don’t… make… eye contact…

13. Please come off… PLEASE.

14. Son of aaaaaaaaa…

18. Eggs, noooooooooooo.

19. Keys, noooooooooo.

21. Some people are trying to PARK HERE.

22. Corkscrew, YOU CAN’T BE SERIOUS.

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