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Oct 27, 2019

21 Tweets About Having An iPhone That Are Incredibly Real

"Does anyone else say 'thank you' to Siri, or is that just me?"


I hate when my Touch ID doesn’t work on my phone like c’mon you already know it’s me with a little chicken tenders grease


Apple getting ready to press the button which fucks up every iPhone 7 and below next week.


When your iPhone charger starts wearing a turtleneck you know the end is coming


He died how he lived: untangling his iPhone earbuds


The iPhone AI algorithm can solve even the most complex problems.


I bought the new iPhone which means that I just spent a lot of money & everything in my life is still the same accept now I have no money


"Is it long enough to reach most people's beds?" "Yes." "Perfect, make it a couple inches shorter." -Apple, creating the iPhone charger.


your parents trying to Facetime


I spelled it "Fuvking" once back in 2007 and autocorrect has been making my life a living hell ever since


some people can facetime me randomly, others cannot. know your role


The new iPhone will totally revolutionize the way I send all of your calls straight to voicemail.


does anyone else say, "thank you" to siri or is that just me


iPhone: your storage is almost full me: uh ok what don't I need. I guess I'll delete all my contacts


Apple: What do you want from an iPhone? Everyone: A longer power cord so it's easier to use when it's charging Apple: Got it. We'll make it so you can't charge it and use your headphones at the same time


protip: if you tweet about hell enough, your iphone will finally give up and stop correcting it to "he'll"


me 5 years ago (dumb): hey does anyone have an iphone charger i can borrow me now (so smart and prepared): ya i always carry six portable power banks on me and also a small generator i can crank with my hand to create power to charge my phone. baby needs its juice


they should make iPhone screens out of the same glass the Kool-Aid Man is made from


I either need to see a doctor or an Apple Genius because every trip to the bathroom uses 50% of my phone battery.


me: “Are you serious?” Siri: “Sorry, I didn’t quite get that”



say something in all caps once and your iPhone will never forget it

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