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    19 Hilarious Tweets For Anyone Who Has An iPhone

    "Is it long enough to reach most people's beds?" "Yes." "Perfect, make it a couple inches shorter." —Apple, creating the iPhone charger


    He died how he lived: untangling his iPhone earbuds


    When your iPhone charger starts wearing a turtleneck you know the end is coming


    I bought the new iPhone which means that I just spent a lot of money & everything in my life is still the same accept now I have no money


    "Is it long enough to reach most people's beds?" "Yes." "Perfect, make it a couple inches shorter." -Apple, creating the iPhone charger.


    I spelled it "Fuvking" once back in 2007 and autocorrect has been making my life a living hell ever since


    The new iPhone will totally revolutionize the way I send all of your calls straight to voicemail.


    iPhone: your storage is almost full me: uh ok what don't I need. I guess I'll delete all my contacts


    protip: if you tweet about hell enough, your iphone will finally give up and stop correcting it to "he'll"


    The Fault In Our Stars, but about my iPhone battery.


    they should make iPhone screens out of the same glass the Kool-Aid Man is made from


    There's nothing less erotic than a sext from an iPhone 4


    *unplugs 100% charged iphone* *slides to unlock* battery 43%


    being a twentysomething means the only thing lower than your dignity is your iphone battery percentage


    say something in all caps once and your iPhone will never forget it


    APPLE: We worked hard on these default apps & hope they enhance your user experience ME: Go to hell and take this garbage with you


    “@jamieIerner: MY DAD GOT AN IPHONE 6 AND DROPPED IT WHEN HE WAS TAKING IT OUT ” Have you tried turning it off & on


    iPhone software update: you have 11 thousand windows open on your phone, do you know how to do anything


    I either need to see a doctor or an Apple Genius because every trip to the bathroom uses 50% of my phone battery.


    You're not fooling anyone with the goody two-shoes act, Apple

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