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    17 Incredible Houseplants You Need Right Now

    Nature is freaking magical.

    1. Silver Vase Plant

    A perennial that prefers bright light indoors. It sometimes takes a year or two to flower fully, but it grows easily and can last a surprisingly long time.

    More info here.

    2. Monstera deliciosa

    Matisse knew the deal. A dramatic climbing plant that can thrive even in indirect light. It loves the heat, though, so make sure it's somewhere at least somewhat warm in the winter.

    More info here.

    3. Fire Pencil Cactus

    Also known as Firesticks. It's native to Africa and grows really fast as long as you keep it in full sun.

    More info here.

    4. Starfish succulent

    Colloquially called a succulent, but maybe not even a succulent? Still amazing, though. Unfortunately these guys are really rare (mostly found in Peru and China) but if you're feeling super adventurous you can order the seeds yourself.

    More info here.

    5. Lucky Bamboo

    Pretty low maintenance — just keep it out of direct sunlight and, if you want it to twist and curve, just periodically turn the stalk. No wires necessary.

    More info here.

    6. River Spiderwort

    Technically an invasive species, but also regularly kept as a houseplant. Also known as Small-Leaf Spiderwort, Inch Plant, Wandering Trad, Wandering Willie and Wandering Gypsy.

    More info here.

    7. Staghorn Fern

    Basically a vegetarian-friendly version of a moose head on the wall. So cool. One thing to keep in mind is that you should be regularly soaking the mount to give the fern enough moisture.

    More info here.

    8. Vermont African Violet

    Almost every variety of African violets grow easily and quickly, just keep it near a bright window.

    More info here.

    9. Sago Palm

    Actually a cycad and not a palm. Cycad's have been around since dinosaurs — literally — and sago palms specifically are sturdy but grow pretty slowly.

    More info here.

    10. String of Pearls

    A pretty damn elegant creeping succulent that sometimes flowers and sometimes doesn't. Just be sure to pot in a hanging basket so the pearls can trail down.

    More info here.

    11. Hoya Plant

    There are around two hundred species of Hoya, but they are typically tropical plants that need relatively high heat and humidity. The incredible, symmetrical blooms can be breathtaking.

    More info here.

    12. Echeveria Blue Curls

    13. Air Plants

    These bromeliads are so adaptable because they only use their roots to attach themselves to something. Most importantly, they need air circulation and only an occasional misting.

    More info here.

    14. Sensitive Plant

    A Brazilian plant with a strange evolution quirk where the leaves can curl up on contact as protection from a potential predator. This folding can even be set off by too-harsh sunlight, so be wary.

    More info here.

    15. Peace Lily

    Super beautiful and also listed on NASA's “Top Ten Household Air Cleaning Plants"? Yes, pls.

    More info here.

    16. Zebra Cactus

    Known for being easy to grow and super durable, zebra cacti need very little attention and minimal watering. Also, it kinda looks like they've been bedazzled.

    More info here.

    17. Donkey's Tail Plant

    A trailing succulent that can grow up to two feet long. Wants, needs, craves full sunlight.

    More info here.

    Important note for pet owners:

    Make sure you know what houseplants are dangerous to animals. More info here.