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How Many Of These Obscure Basketball Players Do You Know?

Is ball life?

  1. Who's this guy with knee-highs?

    Otto Greule Jr / Stringer
  2. Who's this lanky Clipper?

    Andy Hayt/NBAE/Getty Images
  3. Who is this shiny-headed dude?

    Robert Laberge/Getty Images
  4. What's the 411 on 42?

    Doug Pensinger/Getty Images
  5. Who's the guy shooting a J like a bit of a dweeb, let's be honest?

    Jeff Gross / Getty Images
  6. Who's this frustrated fella?

    Tom Hauck/Allsport
  7. Who's shooting this free throw?

    Otto Greule Jr / Stringer
  8. Who is this former Knick?

    Jamie Squire/NBAE/Getty Images
  9. Who's this old Bullet?

    Jonathan Daniel / Stringer
  10. Who's this bounding baller?

    Gregory Shamus / Stringer
  11. Who is this high-waisted Hawk?

    Andy Lyons / Allsport
  12. Who's this giant with a goatee?

    Christian Petersen/Getty Images
  13. Who is this mystery Clipper?

    Jonathan Daniel / Allsport
  14. Who's the guy Byron Scott is telling to run the high pick 'n' roll here?

    Chris Graythen/Getty Images
  15. Who is this grumpy Jazz bro?

    Christian Petersen/Getty Images
  16. Who is this perplexed-lookin' Maverick?

    J.D. Cuban / Getty Images
  17. Who's this...guy who has a tattoo of himself?

    Ronald Martinez/Getty Images
  18. Who's grabbing this board?

  19. Who's this headbanded hero?

    Lisa Blumenfeld/Getty Images
  20. Who's this dude cheesin' with Kobe?

    Jeff Gross/Getty Images

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