How Broke Are You?

Don’t worry, we won’t tell your mom.

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  1. Check all that apply.
    1. I go straight to the sale section of any store I walk into.
    2. All my clothes look more expensive than they actually are.
    3. I have overdrafted from my bank account.
    4. I overdraft from my bank account once a month.
    5. I overdraft from my bank account once a week.
    6. I’ve eaten a meal that was just free samples from a grocery store.
    7. I only drink at happy hours.
    8. I only buy wine less than $10.
    9. I only buy wine less than $5.
    10. I’ve had Top Ramen as a meal.
    11. I have Top Ramen as a meal at least once a week.
    12. I have three or more roommates.
    13. I have canceled plans because getting there would cost money.
    14. I cut my own hair.
    15. I flirt with people just for free drinks.
    16. I know my bank balance down the the dollar.
    17. I check my bank balance before going anywhere to do anything.
    18. I’ve skipped meals even when I’m hungry to save money.
    19. I have taken out less than $20 from an ATM.
    20. I have considered donating blood just for the money.
    21. I have donated blood just for the money.
    22. I have considered donating sperm or an egg for money.
    23. I have donated sperm or an egg for money.
    24. I have signed up to be experimented on for multiple psychological studies for the $20.
    25. I have put $5 or less of gas in my car.
    26. I eat off the dollar menu at least once a week.
    27. I have recycled gifts.
    28. I have recycled the gifts’ wrapping paper.
    29. I’ve had a meal that’s all condiments.
    30. I wear dirty clothes to avoid spending money on laundry.
    31. I have definitely stolen my roommate’s shampoo because I couldn’t afford to replace my own.
    32. I know the exact location of every dollar-pizza establishment in town.
    33. I know the exact location of every dollar-beer establishment in town.
    34. I have used gift cards to buy other gift cards.
    35. I have mixed water into my body wash to make it last longer.
    36. I hold my breath every time a cashier swipes my card.
    37. My card has been declined on a purchase of less than $10.
    38. I use toothpaste until the tube is 100% flat.
    39. I’ve considered eating a stranger’s leftover food once they’ve left a restaurant.
    40. I regularly wear free T-shirts even if I think they’re hideous.
    41. I have paid for things with only change.
    42. If I couldn’t steal my neighbors Wi-Fi, I wouldn’t have internet.
    43. I have taped up the soles of my shoes to “fix them.”
    44. And I’m an expert at sewing buttons on and seams of old coats/jackets.
    45. I use different email addresses to sign up for the same free trials multiple times.
    46. I have to prioritize my friends because I can only afford one social hangout per weekend.
    47. When people ask what I want as a gift, I always say “cash.”
    48. I have a mental countdown leading up to payday.
    49. I have a premade shopping list of things I will buy as soon as it’s payday.
    50. And I can’t fucking wait.

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