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24 Photos Of Food That Are So Beautiful It's Almost Annoying

Some food is just art.

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1. This s'mores situation thing.

meganleevoigt / Via Instagram: @meganleevoigt

4. This pineapple caramel cake that is making us rethink passing up pineapple upside-down cake.

giostra / Via Instagram: @giostra

5. This delightfully colorful breakfast.

Instagram: @anneauchocolat

6. These pickled watermelon radishes.

Instagram: @fooddeco

7. This olive oil and blood orange upside-down cake.

Instagram: @colufson

8. This matcha rice pudding with chia raspberries, mango, and mixed nuts.

Instagram: @psithurisma

11. This perfectly piped meringue.

Instagram: @abbystolfo

12. This smoothie bowl from heaven.

Lindsay Hunt / BuzzFeed

13. This multigrain bread that will kick white bread's ass.

Instagram: @meganleevoigt

16. This swirling peanut butter chocolate bark.

Instagram: @majachocolat

17. This perfect guacamole quinoa with whipped feta and rose petals.

Instagram: @fooddeco


18. This vegan mint chocolate chip ice cream.

Instagram: @bysaber

21. The mac 'n' cheese that makes all mac 'n' cheese look lazy.

Instagram: @infatuation

22. These potatoes that would win Ms. America.

Instagram: @food52

Looks great in a bikini.

23. These kanelsnurrer that make us want to fly to Copenhagen.

Instagram: @frederikkewaerens

24. The A+ latticing on this pie.

Instagram: @elleventy

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