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Everyone Jay Z Has Compared Himself To

Hov sure has a lot of ways to explain his greatness.

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6. Brody from Homeland

From: "F.U.T.W." (Magna Carta Holy Grail)

Lyric: "Feel like a stranger in my own land / Got me feeling like Brody in Homeland."


14. Michael Jackson

From: "Party Life" (American Gangster)

Lyrics: "Off the wall / I'm like a young Michael Jackson / these other n*****s is Tito."

15. Jeff Gordon

From: Kanye West, "Never Let Me Down" (The College Dropout)

Lyric: "It's Hov tradition, Jeff Gordon of rap / I'm back to claim pole position, holla at ya boy."

17. Robert De Niro

From: "Bring it On" (Reasonable Doubt)

Lyric: "Mannerisms of a young Bobby DeNiro, spent Spanish wisdoms in a whip with dinero."


25. Kevin Bacon

From: "Hova Song (Intro)" (Vol. 3... Life and Times of S. Carter)

Lyric: "Rappers with no relation / there's 'Seven Degrees of Separation' and I'm Kevin Bacon."

30. Johnnie Cochran

From: "Guilty Until Proven Innocent" (The Dynasty: Roc La Familia)

Lyric: "Just like Cochran / cocksuckers you never see me boxed in."

32. Rocky Balboa

From: "Izzo (H.O.V.A.)" (The Blueprint)

Lyric: "Cops wanna knock me, D.A. wanna box me in / but somehow, I beat them charges like Rocky."

33. Magic Johnson and Larry Bird

From: "Hola Hovito" (The Blueprint)

Lyric: "If you haven't heard, I'm Michael, Magic, and Bird / all rolled in one / 'cause none got more flows than Young."

50. Marvin Gaye

From: "Dirt Off Your Shoulder" (The Black Album)

Lyric: "You gotta pardon Jay / for selling out the Garden in a day / I'm like a young Marvin in his hey."

53. Michael Schumacher

From: "Justify My Thug" (The Black Album)

Lyric: "I am the Michael Schumacher of the Roc roster / travelin' Mach 5, barrelin', my power can stop God."

62. Al Pacino