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25 Of The Cutest Photos That Ever Cuted


1. OMG hey buddy.

2. *gasping*

3. Love truly *is* blind, isn't it?

4. Look's just...resting there...

5. It's a freakin' cute-off.


Sorry for yelling, but like...look at that!

7. Happiest. Cutest. Elephant. Ever.

Flickr: paraflyer / Creative Commons

8. *whispers* baby hippo

9. Eeeeeeeeeeee.

Flickr: tambako / Creative Commons

10. Baby chicks EVERYWHERE, gaaaah.

11. Zzzzzzzzzzzzz.

12. Stopppppp.

13. Nap buds 4 ever.

14. Foam pup.


16. Oh hellll yeah. High five, lil' bud.

17. Cool af.

18. ALERT: pomeranian in a bag.

19. Actually literally painfully cute.

20. As advertised.

21. Corgis >

22. How is this even real life??

Flickr: tambako / Creative Commons

23. *boop*

Flickr: stijnvogels / Creative Commons

24. *siiiiigh*

25. Anteater babies are called pups.

Smithsonian Institution / Mehgan Murphy

*whispers* hey pup

26. I've seen heaven, and it is ADORABLE.

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