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21 Questions Every Single Person In L.A. Has Asked Themselves

"Is this worth driving to the Valley?"

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1. How far will I drive on the 10 in the name of love?

Google Maps

2. Is there a single person in Los Angeles who DOESN'T hike?

3. What percentage of the population here has a professional headshot? 100%??

4. Who needs yoga classes when I’ve seen every pose that exists in dating profiles?

5. Can I just meet someone who can get me into the Magic Castle, please?

6. Can I suggest a taco truck for dinner? I mean… it’s really good!?

7. Will I ever meet anyone who isn’t “working on a screenplay”?

20th Century Fox

8. How many dates do I give it before I ask them to read my screenplay?

Buena Vista Pictures

9. Should I use this ~wacky~ photo in my profile or should I try to actually look cute?

10. Shit, my car is way too dirty for a stranger to get into, isn’t it?

But I am also way too lazy to clean it, aren’t I?

But I am also way too lazy to clean it, aren’t I?

11. Every single person here is in shape, aren’t they?

12. Is it too obvious to suggest Griffith Observatory for a date spot?

13. I guess everyone finds a way to work their LACMA visit into their dating profile, huh?

14. Should I go on a date with someone just because their dog is cute??

I mean... yes.

I mean... yes.

15. Am I the last person in this town without an IMDB page?

16. I'm so over online dating, maybe I should just meet someone at Gelson's??

17. I don’t feel like thinking up a good date spot, we can just meet at Coffee Bean, right?

18. OK I like this person, but do I like them a “driving in the rain in LA to see them” amount?

19. What about a “going to the IKEA in Burbank together” amount?

20. Do I want to date someone who's a namedropper, even if all the names they're dropping are people I'd like to meet?

Paramount Pictures

21. If we don't have chemistry, can I still use this person as a professional connection?

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