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    22 Childhood Feelings You Wish You Could Get Back

    Ahhh, it was all so simple then.

    1. That weightless joy when you jumped off the swings.

    2. Getting carried in from the car half-asleep after a long ride.


    3. The first few pedals riding a bike on your own.

    You're FLYING, basically.

    4. Reckless leaf pile abandon.

    5. This feeling.

    6. Pillow fort invincibility.

    7. First time in snow pants invincibility.

    8. The goofy fun of talking into a fan to sound like a robot.

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    9. Figuring out how to super-whistle.

    10. Getting to the end of a great story that someone's reading out loud to you.

    Hulton Archive/Stringer / Getty Images

    "What happens next, what happens next, what happens neeeeeeeext?"

    *out of breath with excitement*

    11. Flashlight tag madness.

    12. How night time in general is automatically magical.

    Flickr: grahamb

    Which makes sneakily staying up past your bedtime even that much more exciting.

    13. Everything about snow days.

    14. Schooooool's out. For. Summah.

    15. The shrieking, sopping, perfect mania of running back and forth through a sprinkler.

    16. Having basically no responsibilities.


    Time moves SO SLOWLY. In a good way.

    17. The seriousness with which you believed the floor was lava.

    18. And that stepping on a crack would break your mama's back.

    19. Being a human airplane.



    20. Really, really believing in the Tooth Fairy and Santa Claus.

    Bill Watterson / Via Facebook: DentistAndYou

    Can't remember the last time I believed in anything.

    21. The immersive joy of spending hours in your own universe really making something.

    22. And of course, spending an afternoon doing nothing but running around and laughing.

    Flickr: joeandsarah

    "Sign me up." – every adult everywhere