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20 Examples Of Cats Playing By Their Own Damn Rules

Cats just do what they want, honestly.

1. Let's be real: Cats spend 100% of their lives doing whatever they want.

JonnysLilOilyWife / Via

2. You, who feed, house, and care for them? They tolerate best.

jacobthompson1 / Via

3. They have no time for sentiment.

_emordnilaP / Via

4. Or personal space.

goldenjosh / Via

5. They make their own version of fun.

So we had to put a cone on my dog again. My cat loves it

6. They practically laugh at your attempts to predict their whims.

softservesof / Via

7. They basically run the house.

Kettlebob16 / Via

8. They run your SLEEP SCHEDULE, for crying out loud.

“I couldn’t breathe when I slept so I installed a camera”

9. (Forget the word "sleep" at all if you've got two of them.)

10. Wherever they go, there they reign.

N8theGr8 / Via

11. Wherever they're weary, there they sit.

12. Sometimes it feels as if you're playing a supporting role in your own life.

@Pagets_Wife / Twitter / Via Twitter: @Pagets_Wife

13. The boundaries are always being tested.

Fitbitnitwit / Via

14. Or downright ignored.

werdanny / Via

15. They have a...unique way of showing their love.

buttonupshorts / Via

16. Sometimes you're not sure if it's love or a wanton disrespect.

inkspecialist / Via

17. I mean, it’s a rare day when they seem truly sorry for the havoc they have wrought.

18. The hard work they've undermined.

goldseo / Via

19. And the destruction they've rained down.

jeric614 / Via

20. But honestly, cats are such regal weirdos, it's totally worth it!!

u/Mrs-Melon-Brain / Via

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