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    Posted on Jul 8, 2013

    The 23 Best Moments From Never Mind The Buzzcocks

    The best, rudest pop quiz ever.

    1. When Preston stormed off.

    Silly boy.

    2. Every second Amy was on.



    3. Everyone hating Coldplay forever.


    4. Noel getting spanked by Lorraine Kelly.

    5. When Simon Le Bon turned up.


    6. David Tennant guest hosting.


    7. When Ed Sheeran talked about his sex life.

    8. Jedward being Jedward.

    9. Dappy descends.

    10. Dappy drums.

    11. Dappy dazzles.

    12. Mark Lamarr vs. Pete Burns

    13. Every time Paul Foot is on.

    14. Lamarr vs. Jonathan Ross


    15. When Jermaine Jackson choked Simon.

    16. The entire exchange with this guy from the line up.

    17. Simon and Phill lip syncing "No Air" in tribute to Bill Bailey.

    View this video on YouTube

    18. Stephen Fry being delightful.

    19. Simon doing a Russell Brand impression.

    20. When Noel wore this cape.

    21. When Alice Cooper hosted.

    22. Lemmy from Motorhead being silly.

    23. And Simon wearing a bunny suit.

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