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25 Of The Most Adorable Moments In Rap History

Shimmy shimmy aww.

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1. 50 Cent having a blast with his kid.

3. 2 Chainz at the BET Awards with his daughter Heaven.

Getty Images for BET Chris McKay

4. This Weezy family portrait.

5. Nicki Minaj as a kid, explaining that she wants to be a nurse.

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6. Waka Flocka and this pup.

7. Kanye, blissed out and doing the Carlton dance to "Take On Me."

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8. And Kanye singing "Hey Mama" with his mom in the kitchen OMFG.

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9. Big Boi meeting his penguin buds.

10. Blue Ivy nailing "***Flawless."


11. This crushingly cute moment with Bun B.

15. Biggie's and his daughter in the "Juicy" video.

16. When DJ Drama sent 50 Cent stuffed animals in the hospital.

17. This perfect Lauryn Hill moment.

Brian Prahl / Splash News

19. Common and friend in the studio.

20. Baby Ludacris striking this pose with his dad.

21. Juelz Santana and his boy.

22. Andre 3000's adorable piggyback.

WireImage Johnny Nunez

23. Snoop and his hat outside Letterman.

FilmMagic Ray Tamarra


24. This next-level adorable tea party.

25. Biz Markie.

Bio / Via

Just always.

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