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    22 Pictures That Prove We Just Don't Deserve Animals

    They're good, we're bad.

    1. Listen, animals are DELIGHTFUL.

    2. They're pure.

    3. They lift us up when we need it most.

    4. They reflect our deepest desires.

    5. They're just GOOD, dammit.

    6. There's always a surprise around the corner.

    7. Animals truly contain multitudes.

    8. They see the world through different eyes than us.

    9. They yearn for the simple pleasures.

    10. Like love.

    11. Affection.

    12. Adventure.

    13. A job well done.

    14. They can be an essential part of the household.

    15. Always looking to spread joy.

    16. Animals share a true fellowship.

    17. A bond.

    18. They're just so damn precious.

    My mum (a wildlife-carer) sent me this. Showing the value of a good hug, especially for an orphaned wallaby. #wildoz

    19. We must learn from them.

    20. Follow their intrepid example.

    21. It's time to appreciate the small things.

    22. Let's follow the lead of our brothers and sisters in the animal kingdom and be GOOD.