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31 R&B Songs From 2015 You Need In Your Life

Janet and Janelle and Erykah, oh my.

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1. Jeremih, "Oui"

Def Jam

Recommended if You Like: That perfect combination of elegant piano and madcap hi-hats. Oh, and Jeremih’s cooing falsetto.

2. Maliibu N Helene, "Starin’ at It"

Recommended if You Like: Irresistible, playful bops with sweet guitar samples.

3. Miguel, "Coffee"

RCA Records

Recommended if You Like: Sultry and lush pillow talk jams. Somehow Miguel can make songs sound both homemade and stadium-ready.

4. The-Dream, "That’s My Shit" (feat. T.I.)"

Recommended if You Like: Terius being Terius, crooning a simple croon over a beat that fucking snaps.

5. Jidenna, "Classic Man"

Wondaland / Epic Records

Recommended if You Like: DJ Mustard beats that DJ Mustard didn’t produce; reaaaaally fancy suits.

6. Ciara, "I Bet" (Remix feat. T.I.)

Epic Records

Recommended if You Like: Atlanta bass remixes of anything.

7. Elijah Blake, "I Just Wanna…"

Recommended if You Like: R-rated R&B stomps with ludicrously catchy choruses. ♫ I just wanna get fucked up… with you ♫

8. Dawn Richard, "Billie Jean"

Our Dawn

Recommended if You Like: Experimental R&B. As the genre has changed, Dawn Richard is one of the few newcomers who has managed to wedge her own space in the evolving landscape, often making futuristic-sounding jams. She hits it out of the ballpark with "Billie Jean."

9. Kehlani, "The Way" (feat. Chance the Rapper)

Recommended if You Like: Slinky, off-kilter jams that have a touch of the classic Aaliyah about them. Also: A Chance appearance makes the odds that you’ll smile like a doofus listening to something increase by a hundredfold.

10. Sevyn Streeter, "Shoulda Been There" (feat. B.o.B)

Atlantic Records

Recommended if You Like: Stuttering bop with cute, softly 8-bit synth squeaks. Ugh, this whole song is just infectious and so, so lovable and fun.

11. Janet Jackson, "No Sleeep" (feat. J. Cole)

Rhythm Nation / BMG

Recommended if you like: Smooth songs with heady, undulating beats. Janet's "No Sleeep" is a return to form for the legendary pop star.

12. Erykah Badu, "Hello" (feat. Andre 3000)

Erykah Badu / Via

Recommended if You Like: Erykah Badu and Andre 3000.

13. Tory Lanez, "Say It"


Recommended if You Like: '90s R&B. It samples Brownstone's "If You Love Me," and it's an aural orgasm.

14. What So Not, "Gemini" (feat. George Maple)

Sweat It Out / OWSLA

Recommended if You Like: Sultry R&B with more of an electronic thump.

15. Tamia, "Sandwich and a Soda"

Def Jam

Recommended if You Like: Seductive and flirty tunes that sound as if their sole purpose for being created were so that you and your S.O. could cuddle on a Saturday night.

16. Tinashe, "Wanderer"


Recommended if you like: Synth-driven tunes reminiscent of '80s R&B. If you love Zapp's "Computer Love," you'll adore this jam.

17. Jazmine Sullivan, "Brand New"


Recommended if You Like: Live instrumentation complemented with broody vocals from a scorned lover. Sullivan managed to craft the perfect anthem for anyone who has ever been wronged by love.

18. Bryson Tiller, "Don’t"

Recommended if You Like: Post-808s & Heartbreak, post-Drake, chilled-out R&B thumps.

19. Janelle Monáe and Jidenna, "Yoga"

Wondaland / Epic

Recommended if You Like: Jams that are really fun. Although rife with sexual innuendo, it's a song you're more likely to bop to in the club than include on a ~sexy~ baby-makin' playlist.

20. Trey Songz, "Chill"

Songbook / Atlantic

Recommended if You Like: Songs reminiscent of late '90s R&B tunes. Songz didn't just invent sex, he excels at it too, at least according to this bedroom banger.

21. Tamar Braxton, "Simple Things"

Epic Records

Recommended if You Like: An acrobatic, modern diva voice with the warm production of vintage soul.

22. The Internet, "Special Affair"

Odd/ Future Columbia

Recommended if You Like: Breathy vocals accentuated by an absolutely intoxicating bassline.

23. Sunni Colon, "Water"

Facebook: sunni.colon

Recommended if You Like: Short, minimal ballads that sound kinda like an elegant sink drip. In a great way, though!!

24. Kelela, "Rewind"

Warp Records

Recommended if You Like: Chilly, beautiful, futuristic music. Kelela is like none other.

25. Jill Scott, "Back Together"

Blue Babe / Atlantic

Recommended if You Like: Strong, triumphant lyrics. Scott shows off her versatility on this song by demonstrating that she's great at more than sensual love jams — she can be vulnerable and honest about love, too.

26. Carly Rae Jepsen, "All That"


Recommended if You Like: Languid beats layered with synths. It may seem unconventional for Carly to show up on this list, but once you listen to this jam it'll all make sense.

27. Monica, "Deep"


Recommended if You Like: Feeling like you're head over heels in love. Monica's saving grace has always been her ability to emote — whether it's conveying jealousy ("The Boy Is Mine") or heartache ("Until It's Gone"), this former '90s balladeer puts her all into her latest musical offering.

28. Kiiara, "Gold"

Recommended if You Like: The minimal thump and pop crossover style of Lorde with more soulful, fluttering vocals.

29. Lianne La Havas, "Unstoppable"

Warner Bros.

Recommended if You Like: Relaxing songs with a soul bent. La Havas' voice is assured and captivating, which is sure to leave any listener transfixed and ready to hit repeat for one more spin on this treasure.

30. Honey Cocaine, "Run Thangs"

Recommended if You Like: Sparkling, ‘80s sonic details paired perfectly with a subtly snarling toughness.

31. Emily King, "The Switch"

Making Music Records

Recommended if You Like: Soft, feel-good joints. Put this on and you'll find yourself tapping your foot and your mood elevated by King's spellbinding voice.

Here's a Spotify playlist of the whole bunch (minus the Tinashe which isn't on there, grrrrr):