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26 Signs You Are Hopelessly Addicted To Arsenal FC

There's only one team in London.

1. Trials and tribulations aside, you love this man.

2. And his puffy coat.

3. And his Wenger-isms.

4. You will be replaying this in your dreams for eternity.

5. Alongside this.

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6. You know how to spell Szczesny without looking it up.

7. At some point, you've convinced yourself that every youngster would be a superstar.

8. You will never forgive Ryan Shawcross.

9. When you hear "BFG" you think of this:

And not this impostor.

10. Regardless of your gender or sexual orientation, you have a crush on this dude.

11. However, you do NOT have a crush on Piers Morgan.

12. You still can't believe this bug-eyed genius is a Gunner and now you're putting umlauts on EVERYTHING.

13. You drop "victory through harmony" into casual conversation.

14. You are pretty much Colin Firth from Fever Pitch.

15. Whatever else happens, you know no one can take 2003/2004 away.

16. Your only "second team" is the Red Bulls, for one very simple, very legendary reason.


17. You keep a running tally of famous Gooners.

18. You've tailored your social media for maximum Arsenal immersion.

19. Just seeing 4-4 or 8-2 written out makes you shudder.

20. Since circa 2008, you've gone back and forth several million times on whether Arsenal needs a proper defensive midfielder.

21. These are your socks.

22. These are your podcasts.

23. You are sick to death of hearing about the trophy drought. But also, fourth place is not a trophy.

24. You tried to get behind DENCH. You really did.

25. This is just a small sampling of the Arsenal songs you know.

26. You hate Tottenham. Now and forever.