18 Pictures That Are Totally "Me In 2017"

    It's been... interesting.

    1. When you're already just trying to keep up:

    2. When you realize the world is upside-down:

    3. When you're just trying to do your best:

    4. When you're not playing anymore:

    5. When you're totally over it:

    6. When you have no idea what to do next:

    7. When you're feeling brave:

    8. When it seems like we're in for the longest year on record:

    9. When you're not feeling so innocent anymore:

    10. When you're making do with what you have:

    11. When you're determined to stay posi:

    12. When you're out here looking for a fuck to give:

    13. When you wanna just burn it all down:

    14. When you decide to tell it like it is:

    15. When you put things in perspective:

    16. When you're still waiting to see rock bottom:

    17. When you're worried we're just in for a 2016 sequel:

    18. When you still can't even believe it: