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14 Lazy Ways To Seem Smarter Than You Actually Are

You probably won't fool an actual smart person. But it's worth a shot.

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2. Sign up for a few good email newsletters to score some extra factoids for casual conversation.

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Email newsletters aren't all spammy nightmares. Purge the silly ones and sign up for a few simple, informative ones like The Skimm for news and Now I Know for random, cool facts.

3. Whenever people are talking about the economy, just say, “It was all downhill after they repealed Glass-Steagall.”

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After that, if you want to be able to enter a second level of conversation without running away, here's some background. If not, probably just run away.


5. On that note, have a favorite writer, book and artist ready to name drop.

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Nothing is worse than sitting there awkwardly as you try to think of a book — literally ANY BOOK THAT'S EVER BEEN PUBLISHED. Not a good look.


13. Become knowledgeable about one random thing.


- People are much less likely to call bullshit on what you’re saying because of the randomness.

- After the first time you bring it up, it will come up in conversation more than you’d think, multiplying your "smart points." (Note: not a thing.)

- You’ll know some weird, interesting stuff.

- It can sneakily mask that you don’t know lots of other, obvious stuff.