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Portal 2 Officially Announced

Valve has officially announced Portal 2. It will be coming out this holiday season. The next issue of Game Informer magazine will feature an in-depth story on eagerly awaited sequel Portal 2, and the cover features the screenshots you see above. Gaze in wide-eyed wonder at the blue and orange portal beauty! Unlike Portal , Portal 2 is a full-fledged, standalone sequel that will feature "new gameplay mechanics, storyline, and some surprising new twists." Right now, that and some ASCII images from an awesome scavenger hunt is all the Portal 2 news we have, but the full-scale announcement is expected at GDC 2010, so watch G4's GDC headquarters next week for news. What do you think of Portal as a "full scale" game? Will the puzzle mechanics of the first game be enough to keep your interest, or will Portal 2 need to change things up? Maybe with some actual combat? I hope not, because I love the purity of the first title, but I'm open to anything -- Valve is very good at making great games! UPDATE:

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