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27 Things You See In Every Public Restroom

Pee. Everywhere.

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Flickr/Creative Commons / Via Flickr: powerbooktrance

1. Pee.

Disney / Via

2. Pee on toilet seats.

Giphy / Via

3. Pee on the floor.

Walt Disney / Via

4. Paper towels everywhere but the garbage.

Netflix / Via

5. Suspect hairs around the toilet seat.

6. Facial hair shavings in the sink.

Walt Disney / Via

Typically male restrooms. Usually in gyms or airports.

7. Toilets that aren't flushed.

NBC / Via

8. Clogged toilets that have been flushed too many times.

Nickelodeon / Via

9. Or clogged toilets that can't be flushed because of the massive wads of toilet paper in the toilet.

NBC / Via

So even if it's an automatic flush, there's no way it's actually working.

10. Water all over sink counters.

The CW / Via

Like someone was just splashing around in the sink.

11. People watching various things on their phones without headphones.

Nickelodeon / Via

We can hear you on Snapchat.

12. People who spend over 10 minutes in the stalls.

Tumblr / Via

Likely sleeping.

13. Smells. Typically of the poo variant.

NBC / Via

14. Water on the ground. Probably pee.

Reaction GIFs / Via

15. Actual pee.

Nickelodeon / Via

16. Urinals that weren't flushed.

20th Century Fox / Via

17. Vomit in urinals making them impossible to flush.

18. Toilet seat liners in a disheveled manner.

NBC / Via

19. Unwashed hands.

/r/reactiongifs / Via


Nickelodeon / Via

21. More pee.

/r/reactiongifs / Via

Maybe on those unwashed hands...

22. Booger-covered stall walls.

NBC / Via

Everyone (yes, everyone) picks their nose, but don't put them on things, you child.

23. Poop-covered walls.

Reaction GIFs / Via

The rarest of sightings in the public bathroom — so rare, it might almost be a truly majestic sighti--


24. People who "hover" because they don't want to use the toilet seat liners.

Giphy / Via

25. Resulting in "messes."

Dreamworks / Via


26. Faucets that weren't turned off.

AMC / Via

27. AND... pee.

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