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Pikachu Was Actually The Worst Pokémon Ever

Because nobody's favorite was Pokémon Yellow.

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Who was stubborn and arrogant.

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One of the main plot points in the first episodes of Pokémon featured Pikachu not wanting to go into its Pokéball like every other Pokémon alive. We're meant to believe that this made Pikachu "special" and "independent," and established a "bond" and "respect" with Ash, but — in hindsight — it looks like Pikachu was just throwing a tantrum like a spoiled brat.

And needy AF.

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Team Rocket (who thought a random ass Pokémon you could catch in Viridian Forest was rarer than a freaking Bulbasaur, Squirtle, or Charmander) was pretty bad at successfully kidnapping Pikachu, but Pikachu was equally bad at not getting kidnapped. So someone always needed to save it because it was so ~special~.

If Pikachu wasn't always getting kidnapped, it was just leaving.

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Do you remember that episode of Pokémon? Where Pikachu almost runs away? The one that had you in tears in front of the TV screen? Pikachu was emotionally exhaustive; it was always another thing with this one.

And Pikachu couldn't be trusted.

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Why was this necessary, Pikachu? Meowth — despite his very obvious reservations — was willing to reach out his hand in a truce. And there you go electrocuting him.

And above all, Pikachu refused to grow up and change its ways.

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In another classic episode of Pokémon, Pikachu wasn't feeling the Thunderstone that would evolve it into a Raichu, and maybe change its childish ways. Pikachu was given the opportunity to evolve and mature early into the show, but it thought it was better than it.

Pikachu, you were not above being able to throw balls of lightning.

But in truth, this is all likely the result of Ash just being a really bad trainer.

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Ash was in over his head from the start. He might've wanted to be a Pokémon Master, but he had absolutely no idea how to actually achieve that goal.

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