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22 Faces Every Middle Child Will Understand

I swear it's not all bad.

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4. When you think that nobody in your family is paying attention to you.

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Your older sibling is constantly presenting new parenting challenges. And the younger sibling is the last chance your parents have at raising a kid. But the middle child...? You're just there.

6. When you go to the greatest lengths to impress and be noticed, and still feel unnoticed.


Because you’re caught in the middle, everything you do is all about making you stand out. It works most of the time, but there are always moments when it doesn’t.

8. When your siblings learn that they can team up on you in any fights or arguments.

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It's simple: your older sibling doesn't want one of his younger siblings to best them, and young younger sibling wants to be better than one of his older siblings.

9. When you own your siblings after they decided to team up against you in a fight or argument.

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After years of being teamed up against, you know that 1.) it doesn't always work, and 2.) you've honed and crafted your fighting (mostly verbal; physical not so much) skills.

15. And when you find old pictures of when your younger sibling was born and you see how happy you were.

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On that day — the day when you became the middle child — you were elated, not complaining.

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