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17 Things You Need To Stop Saying To People Who Go To Sleep Early

It's a willful choice, and it doesn't involve you.

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1. "You're soooo old!"


2. "How do you even do it?"

How do I do what? Sleep...?

3. "Don't you feel like you're missing out?"

4. "Don't you have stuff to do?"


Like every other human being, yes, I have stuff to do. But I did it.

5. "Are you going to come out with us tonight?"

Does where we're going have a bed and look like my room?

6. "Don't leave! It's only [insert any time past 10 p.m.]!"

7. "You should've come out!"


But I didn't want to. So I didn't do it.

8. "You totally missed out!" *proceeds to tell you all the fun they had*


*and then you wonder when you asked for this information*

9. "I could never have a routine like you."


Then don't.

10. "Are you just always tired?"


Are you just always annoying?

11. "Maybe if you napped, you could stay up later!"

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I don't want to nap. And I don't want to stay up later.

12. "I wish I could go to bed early!"

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13. "Tell me how you do it!"

14. "What do you do when you wake up so early in the morning?"

15. "You're boring."

16. "Shouldn't you be asleep right now?"

17. *looks at the time* "Oh noooo. It's past your bedtime!"

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"Oh no. It's past your lifetime."

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