25 Dogs Who Are Living Your Life Better Than You

    Channel your inner dog and just LIVE.

    1. This one eating what it wants.

    2. This one shining bright like a diamond.

    3. This one with the most swag ever recorded in history.


    It shook off its goggles... HELLO?!

    4. These ones who found their soul mates.

    5. This one that just graduated.

    6. And this one that just closed escrow on its new house.


    7. This one enjoying the weather and wine.

    8. And these ones chilling pool side.

    9. Or this one relaxing on the beach.

    10. This one treating itself.

    11. This one that's lit AF.


    12. This one sleeping in.

    13. And this one still sleeping in.

    14. This one taking selfies with its BFF.

    15. And these ones Skyping with their BFFs across the country.

    16. This one going on a road trip.


    17. This one working on its body.

    18. These three on vacation.

    19. Where this one is having fun.

    20. And this one is getting into trouble.

    21. This one being brave and trying new things.

    22. This one owning its imperfections.


    23. This one giving no fucks.

    24. This one learning new tricks.


    25. And this one just living.

    Now use these dogs as inspiration and go live your best life.

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