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Aug 3, 2015

25 Signs You're Way Too Obsessed With Chipotle

Because you spend more time at Chipotle than the employees.

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1. The presence of any other customers infuriates you.

2. You get excited and sweaty just thinking about carnitas.

3. You keep going back even though you know the all-too-real aftermath:

4. Guac is your religion.

5. So of course you know:

6. Because nothing is worse than overboard barbacoa.

7. You handle your little brown bag with the utmost TLC.

8. You go to the gym so you can justify wolfing a burrito bowl afterwards.

9. This is you.

10. You didn't write this ad, but you would have.

11. This unspeakable tragedy horrifies you:

12. You question how the Chipotle employee making your burrito still has a job.

13. You want to start eating healthy, but you can't because Chipotle doesn't fit into your diet.

14. You wonder what you would actually do if this kid were yours.

15. You start to develop unrealistic expectations about happiness.

16. And morality.

17. You've had actual dreams about the quesarito.

18. This should be illegal.

19. You've figured out the ~game~.

20. When this is your #mcm:

21. And this is your #wcw:

22. You on the daily:

23. You know if an employee is new depending on how they roll your burrito.

24. This is the obvious answer.

25. And someday you'll live in the land of your dreams.