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16 Things Introverted Road Ragers Know To Be True

Just a whole lot of frustrated looks and thoughts better left unsaid.

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We've all had experiences with road rage.


Whether it was you turning red behind the wheel, or someone you know, we all know that road rage is a real thing.

But we shy people have different ways of expressing (read: internalizing) it.

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The last thing we want to do is exit the car and inflict pain onto another human being. Because that would mean ~human interaction~.

Truthfully, it's less "road rage" and more "road frustration."

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Because rage means potential confrontation and we want none of that.

But the signs are always clear.

1. Like the first thought you have when you see someone who was recklessly weaving through traffic get pulled over five minutes later.

2. When drivers are going considerably slower than the posted speed limit.

3. Or merge without indicating said merger with their blinker.


4. When someone cuts you off as if you were going too slow, and then proceeds to slow down in front of you.

5. When you're in traffic.


You generally don't get mad in traffic because you accept it as a perfectly standard phenomenon of driving. Plus, you're very aware that eyes could be on you and your meltdown.

6. When you see other people speeding.

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You don't care for it; it's just very aggressive.

7. There's always those moments when a cyclist is being obnoxious.

8. When construction is going on, and there's only one lane for both directions.


9. And when someone is still stopped at a green light because they're on their phone.

10. Or when someone won't turn right on a red light.


11. You get frustrated.


12. You don't yell. You don't curse.


At least not vocally. But if people heard what you were thinking...

13. You don't fume with anger so much so that you start seeing red.

14. But when that person in the parking spot next to you clearly didn't know what they were doing.


15. Or people just start honking for no reason.

16. You just sit there: frustrated and disappointed, with a million annoyed thoughts racing through your head.


But at least it's better than being a loud, obnoxious loud road rager.

Because we get over the terrible drivers of the world a lot quicker than them.

And definitely save ourselves the embarrassment of rage-induced scenes of ridiculousness.

So own your passive-aggressive road rage, shy, quiet, or introverted people of the world.

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