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    18 Signs You're A Sydney Basic Bitch


    1. You wear your workout clothes when you go out for brunch

    2. You only go to Vivid for the Instagram likes

    3. You lose it when any of the Kardashians are in town

    4. This guy basically sums it up

    Facebook: video.php

    5. You never drink a cocktail without Instagraming it first

    6. Summer is a time for tanning, swimming and therefore new bikinis

    7. You love the rainbow roses at The Grounds of Alexandria

    Facebook: TheGroundsFloralsBySilva

    8. You were devastated when Future Music Festival was axed

    9. However your greatest ambition is to party at Coachella

    10. All you can talk about on Tuesdays is Game of Thrones

    11. You cannot wait to spend all your cash at Forever 21

    12. Kyle and Jackie O aren't that bad in your opinion

    13. All your clothes are from Sportsgirl, Glassons and ASOS

    14. Emojis are your second language

    15. You wish that we could swap our politicians for Will, Kate, George and Charlotte

    16. You feel incredibly out of place in Newtown

    17. You can't wait until The Bachelor is back on our screens

    18. And finally, you can't resist a good sunrise