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    17 Times The Duke And Duchess Of Cambridge Summed Up Being A Couple

    Will + Kate 4eva

    1. When it's early days and he shows you a YouTube clip that's really stupid but you pretend to find it funny anyway

    2. When you try to impress her with your athleticism

    3. When you find out that you share the same nerdy interests

    4. When the third wheel turns up and it all gets a bit awkward

    5. When some guy hits on you and you're not sure how to react

    6. When you can't make it to that party tonight because you "made other plans"

    7. When you have to make an inappropriate joke in public because you know they'll laugh

    8. When you're about to meet the parents and you have to be calmed down

    9. When you decide to do a cleanse together but immediately give in to temptation

    10. When you go to a friend's wedding and you can't hide your opinion on the bride's dress

    11. When you know he's forgotten your anniversary and bought some last minute supermarket flowers

    12. When you get new furniture and realise you actually have to assemble it

    13. When you're his plus one and ask him, "Please don't leave me alone with your creepy boss again"

    14. When bae splashes out on a fancy hat and you try to think of the best way to say "I hate it"

    15. When you double date with your faves

    16. When another couple who have been together for basically 10 minutes talk about how easy relationships are

    17. When you realise that there is no one you would rather spend your life with