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Zoo Magazine Honoured The ANZACs With A Bikini Model Spread

Lest we forget about booooooooooobs!

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ZOO Weekly magazine has published a special ANZAC commemorative issue that puts the R-rating into Remembrance.

ZOO Magazine

The front cover shows a model wearing nothing but a white string bikini and holding a poppy, the officially recognised symbol of the sacrifice of blood shed during war.

Ms. Pash says she was "honoured" to be featured on the cover.

It was blasted on the magazine's Facebook page, with one person commenting "Sweet merciful jesus what idiotic editorial director possibly thought this was a good idea."

Other people on social media described the cover as "gross" and "creepy".

How did anyone think this was a good idea? Zoo Weekly has a "special commemorative issue" for Anzac Day. So gross.

@sallywhyte @NewtonMark the brainstorm: "ANZAC day landings... were on a beach right?" "Bikinis!" "She can be holding a poppy?" "Nailed it."


@sallywhyte @JB_AU that's a special kind of awful

And some compared it to Woolworths ill-fated "Fresh In Our Memories" campaign.

The only thing this Special Commemorative Edition Zoo Magazine is missing is the headline #FreshInOurMammaries.

You stay classy, Zoo magazine. (via @BernardKeane)