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22 Everyday Things You Did 10 Years Ago That Now Seem Really Weird

BRB, just using a street directory to get to Sanity to buy the latest single.

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4. Calling your friends on a landline.

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"Um, hello, Mrs. Esposito, it's Alex Lee here. Is Brad home? OK, well, when he comes back from soccer can you please get him to give me a call? Yep, he's got my number. Thank you."

5. Hearing the dial-up internet tone.

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And singing along to while you waited... bip bip bip bip boop boop bip bip bip. bleeeeep BLOOOOOp beeDOONG! beeDOONG! KsssshhhhhhHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH


18. Having conversations when you're out with your friends and not being able to google the answer.



"What's that show we used to watch when we were kids? That claymation one?

"Ohhh, that was great! I wish I could remember! And there was like, a talking skull?"

*Everyone laughs and tries to remember other nostalgic TV shows*


"What's that show we used to watch when we were kids? That claymation one?"

"The Trap Door. Originally shown in the UK in 1984. The skull's name was Boni."

*Everyone sits in silence looking at their phones*

21. Using a street map in your car.

And having to look up how to get there before you left home.