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Labor's Shadow Assistant Minister For Education Has Made A Very Unfortunate Spelling Error

See me after class, Rishworth!

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If you're going to rip on the government for failing education in Australia, it's probably a good idea to run it through the ol' spellcheck first.

The typo was spotted by Canberra journalist Drew Sheldrick, who was hoping to give Amanda Rishworth the benefit of the doubt. Was it just a clever joke?

This is a joke, right? Tell me it's s joke. #auspol

But then... There was a typo in HIS TWEET????

Was that a joke?


Typos aside, Labor has been pushing hard on the education issue, after a secret cabinet discussion paper was leaked to the media, considering cancelling Commonwealth funding for public schools and means-testing wealthy parents.

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The government tried to banish the idea from the public consciousness, with education minister Christopher Pyne quick to point out that it was just a discussion paper and nothing more.

Charging wealthy parents for their children to attend public schools is not the government's policy. I don't support it. #auspoI

The Australian Government does not and will not support a means test for public education. Full stop. End of story. #auspoI