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This Horrifying Video Captures The Moment An Avalanche Hit Everest Base Camp

A German climber filmed a wall of snow as it demolished a camp in Himalayas.

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A German climber has filmed an avalanche as it barrelled towards base camp at Mount Everest, following the deadly Nepal earthquake.

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The description on the video by Jost Kobusch says: "The ground was shaking from the earthquake and as soon as we saw people running we were running ourselves to save our lives."

At the start of the video, someone is heard saying, "The ground is shaking," and people laugh in the background.

Jost Kobusch

Moments later, people start running to take cover in their tents.

Jost Kobusch

Kobusch captures the huge plume of snow from the avalanche as it comes down from the mountain, before taking cover himself.

Jost Kobusch

He and another climber huddle under a jacket, swearing in English and German as the avalanche passes, before emerging from the tent, covered in snow.

Jost Kobusch

"Let's go to the kitchen tent," they are heard saying, before realising that "the kitchen tent is gone."

Jost Kobusch

Climber Alex Gavan was also at the base camp. He said the camp looks like "after a nuclear blast."

Eighteen people have died on Everest after the wall of snow and debris flattened part of the camp. The earthquake is believed to have killed 2,500 people so far.

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The federal government is looking into reports that an Australian climber died on Everest.

"The Australian embassy in Kathmandu is urgently seeking to confirm these reports," said foreign minister Julie Bishop.

"We are trying to confirm the number of Australians in the country and will try and make contact with all of them."