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Tony Abbott Just Donated *That* Blue Tie To A Real Museum

And he did it all in his cycling lycras.

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This morning, the Prime Minister of Australia woke up, rode his bike to Old Parliament House and donated his blue Hermes tie to the Museum of Democracy.

Mick Tsikas / AAP

Here he is, presenting the most famous tie in Australian politics to museum director Daryl Karp.

The PM also donated his bike as part of the Pollie Pedal charity launch.

Mick Tsikas / AAP

The Museum of Democracy told Buzzfeed News the bike will join Edmund Barton’s clock, Billy Hughes’ cigar box, Robert Menzies’ presentation sword and Kevin Rudd’s boots in the Prime Ministers of Australia Gallery.

Here is the blue tie being tenderly held by an official in white gloves, presumably to keep the blueness in pristine condition.

Prime Minister @TonyAbbottMHR has donated the "original blue tie" to the @MoAD_Canberra. #7News

It's an emotional day for the blue tie, which has been loyally wrapped around the neck of Tony Abbott nearly every day since Julia Gillard's controversial 'men in blue ties' speech.

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I did notice a couple of years ago that Barack Obama and David Cameron, who are two of the coolest dudes in politics, tended to dress with a dark suit, a white shirt and a blue tie. I thought well, look, if it's good for them it's probably good for me.

Ever since, the blue tie and the Prime Minister have been inseparable. They've been together through good times and bad, through thick and thin, through low poll numbers and high visibility vests.


So today they parted ways, and the Prime Minister marked the solemnity of the occasion by dressing head to toe in purple lycra.

We wish the blue tie all the best in its retirement at the Museum of Democracy. It truly is a symbol of the state of democracy in modern Australia.

.@visitcanberra @nlagovau What about NEWEST collection item? We just received the PM's bike & tie! #CollectionFishing