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This Is How Big The Shenhua Mine Is Compared To Cities Around The World

The disturbance area of the open cut coal mine in NSW farmland is 14 times the size of the City of London.

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The federal government has approved a huge mine in the rich agricultural area of the Liverpool Plains in northwest NSW.

Department of Environment

Farmers are furious that the Chinese-owned open cut coal mine will go ahead, and it has caused a rift in the Liberal Party, with agricultural minister Barnaby Joyce vocal about his disapproval.

The coal mine will blow a hole in 4084 hectares of land, including 800 hectares of endangered ecological communities.

Department of Environment

We've superimposed the map of the mine onto global cities (to scale) to get an idea of its size. The yellow is the disturbance area and the grey is the exploration area of the mine.


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