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    We Tried To Find Malcolm Turnbull On Wickr And Here's What Happened

    It sure is hard to communicate with the Minister for Communications.

    The Australian newspaper reports that Malcolm Turnbull and other federal ministers are employing encrypted secret messaging app Wickr to discuss leadership and other sensitive issues.

    Some people are arguing that it's pretty messed up for government ministers to push for metadata retention laws while employing an encrypted app that deletes their own metadata.

    Oh the irony of a divided Cabinet using Wickr while wanting to store all our metadata #goodforthegoose #auspol

    It worries me when politicians force metadata to be kept kept for all Australians yet use systems to avoid detection

    The Australian's media section Diary named Malcolm Turnbull, Scott Morrison and Alex Hawke as Wickr users. BuzzFeed News approached them for comment but Alex Hawke was the only one who responded.

    In her report, Ms Markson said she found Malcolm Turnbull on Wickr but teased that she wouldn't reveal his codename.

    That's ok Sharri. We'll find him ourselves. How hard can it be? You just need a Wickr username, email or phone number to find someone after all.

    This didn't yield any results..

    Shockingly, neither did this.

    And this is just a missed opportunity.

    Looks like I'm going to need some help after all.

    @SharriMarkson Hey Sharri real quick - what's Malcolm's #Wickr codename? Need it for #journalism. thx

    Turns out it's really hard to find the Wickr Man himself. So if you're looking to get in touch with your local MP, it's probably best to stick to iMessage.