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It's Been A Week, And Everyone Is Still Incredibly Mad About Q&A

Malcolm Turnbull tells an ABC host he's "lost the plot" as the rest of us send threats to the ABC and draw faces on potatoes. Australia, what the hell is going on?

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First of all, the government is angry at the ABC for letting a former terror suspect get on the television and say things!! To a government minister of all people!!

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Cabinet minister after cabinet minister gave interviews throughout the week dressing down the ABC. The prime minister described the show as a "lefty lynch mob" and said the national broadcaster had betrayed Australia.

The ABC is mad at itself for the "error of judgement" that allowed Zaky Mallah to join the audience and ask a question.


The director of ABC TV announced an investigation into Zaky Mallah's appearance on the show.


But Tony Abbott said that was not enough! He was still mad! He announced an urgent government inquiry into the ABC and said "heads should roll over this."

Lukas Koch / AAP

For a second everyone was stunned.

The entire country just stared at each other and blinked. Did the prime minister just compare sacking ABC staff to people losing their heads? In a conversation about ISIS and national security? How do you even respond to that? And then Australia remembered what to do.


It's a twisted ideology that paints the ABC as friends of Daesh

Even Bill Shorten had a go! Kinda.

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The waves of fury even awoke the opposition leader, who took some time out from helping the government pass bills on making offshore detention centres legal to describe the PM's language as "clumsy".

"I think you and I and most Australians know Tony Abbott overreached with those sort of sentiments," he said.

Ok Bill, not your best Bruce Banner impression, but don't worry because then...

The ABC got mad at the government for trying to tell them what to do!

ABC / YouTube

In a fiery speech on Thursday night Mark Scott hit back at Tony Abbott's comments, and said the ABC was clearly on Australia's side.


News Corp was so mad at the ABC that they put the ABC logo on an ISIS flag!

Even Tony Jones seemed to realise how far #theirABC had sunk - Jihadist threats live from #qanda audience. No one in charge.

The Australian's Chris Kenny was the first conservative columnist to light a fire that would become a raging furnace of hot takes about Q&A and the role of the ABC. Bill Leak drew a cartoon of a headless Tony Jones.

Heaps of Australians got mad at News Corp for their front pages!

It's almost if News Corp has put the ABC symbol on ISIS flags #auspol

While heaps of other Australians got mad at the ABC, and sent so many threats to Aunty that it had to go into security lockdown mode in offices around the country.


It's believed the broadcaster has received more than 1000 phone calls, including vicious complaints and serious threats, which is, as we all know, the best way to show the terrorists that we are better than them.

Today on Insiders, host Barrie Cassidy got mad at Malcolm Turnbull for trying to undermine the ABC's independence!


"You are the first communications minister in the ABC history to send government officials into the ABC to investigate what was a matter of editorial judgment," Cassidy said, as Turnbull did his best impression of a person sitting on a chair.

Turnbull described the show as "an undergraduate playing at tabloid journalism", and said the network should have done better.

But Cassidy wouldn't let it go.

"I don't understand how government officials can go into the ABC and investigate the ABC's editorial judgment... How that cannot be interfering with the independence of the ABC?" he said.


Then it was Malcolm's turn to get mad at the ABC for putting its audiences lives in danger, telling him "you've lost the plot, Barrie!"


Because apparently not only was it not very nice to have the bad man asking questions on the TV, but it was also.... A SECURITY THREAT!!

And that makes minister Malcolm Turnbull VERY MAD INDEED.

"Are you pulling my leg?" Turnbull said to Cassidy, whose silence made it very clear that he was not.

"After the Martin Place siege, you are saying to me there is no security issue with putting Zaky Mallah in a live audience?"

He went on, "Seriously, you've lost the plot there with all due respect. This is a high-profile audience, very high-profile target."


And everyone's mad at Zaky Mallah.

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Partly for his criminal history, partly for his comments on the show, partly because of offensive things he's said on social media but mostly because of his stupid hat.

Waleed Aly laid into him for misrepresenting the Muslim community in Australia, but then some people got mad at The Project for giving Mallah another public platform.

But then some people got mad at those people, because they said we should air all sorts of views on TV, even if we disagree with them, because free speech and democracy, y'know?

We've all been mad at each other for a whole week now, and it's goddamn exhausting.

So how about it Australia? Let's make a fresh start this week! Let's listen to each other and pay attention to the things that really matter. Let's not hurl accusations, or send death threats to the ABC.

And let's not allow ourselves to be talked into feeling small and scared and angry all the time.

Tomorrow is a brand new day!