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    12 Messages Of Pride At Sydney Mardi Gras

    We asked marchers to describe what Sydney's annual gay and lesbian parade meant to them in one word.

    1. This man was marching with the NSW State Emergency Service.

    2. The fabulous dancers from the Airbnb float.

    3. These dazzling beauties were representing Indonesia.

    4. This man made his own rainbow flag to wave during the parade.

    5. Fighting evil by moonlight, winning love by daylight...

    6. These glorious bears were from the Harbour City Bears, "a community group for hairy gay men, and their admirers."

    7. Marching for marriage equality.

    8. So technically that's four words, but who's going to say no to them?

    9. "Make sure you get my bum in the photo!"

    10. Short and sweet.

    11. Glittery leopards just want to have...

    12. She asked her son to describe Mardi Gras in one word. He said "Hooray!" and then made a run for it.