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    9 Reasons Why Malcolm Turnbull Is Feeling The Heat On Offshore Detention Centres

    Rosie Batty joins the growing chorus of people pressuring the prime minister to shut down detention centres on Manus Island and Nauru.

    1. Domestic violence campaigner and Australian of the Year Rosie Batty.

    2. The letter was also signed by organisations that fight violence against women, including the Luke Batty Foundation, the Domestic Violence Legal Workers Foundation and the Australian Women Against Violence Alliance.

    3. The UN special rapporteur on the human rights of migrants.

    4. An online petition with 20,000 signatures from "the women of Australia".

    5. 445 staff members from Malcolm Turnbull's former university.

    6. Liberal MP Russell Broadbent.

    7. Australian Human Rights Commission president Gillian Triggs.

    8. This chilling 7:30 report about the sexual assault of female refugees living in Nauru.

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    The ABC obtained a recording of a phone call to police immediately after a 26-year-old Somali woman was allegedly raped by two Nauruan men.

    The shocking report has prompted many to question the ability of the Nauruan justice system to protect victims on the island.

    Speaking to ABC Radio, Malcolm Turnbull described the rape allegations as "very alarming".

    9. Letters from asylum seekers on offshore detention centres.

    Letter from families in #Nauru detention centre to @TurnbullMalcolm: “We hope Aus shows a welcoming hand for us too”

    "We are demanding you to show compassion to our children, our wives, our husbands and our families," the letter reads.

    Refugee advocates told BuzzFeed News they have been overwhelmed with similar letters from people in offshore detention centres since Malcolm Turnbull took office.

    In another letter, an asylum seeker on Manus Island begs the PM to "show humanity to us."

    "I don’t like begging for anything but your treatment forced me to do it again and again, congrats to new pm please you show us the real Australian treatment not like that guard or immigration officer who assaulted to me and other people in offshore," he writes.

    A Senate inquiry into the Nauru detention centre heard there were 67 allegations of child abuse up until May this year. 33 asylum seekers alleged they had been been raped or sexually assaulted at the centre.

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