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    People Are Calling Peter Dutton A Hypocrite For Supporting White Ribbon Day

    The outrage was sparked by the immigration minister tweeting "I say violence against women and children is just plain wrong".

    Immigration minister Peter Dutton has faced a barrage of criticism online after tweeting in support of White Ribbon Day.

    On this #WhiteRibbonDay & every day, I say violence against women and children is just plain wrong

    People thought it was a bit rich for Dutton to declare "violence against women and children is just plain wrong," when there are women and children asylum seekers suffering abuse in immigration detention centres.

    According to the latest figures from the immigration and border protection department, there are 262 women and 164 children being held in detention centres in Australia and offshore.

    Among those who refuted the immigration minister's declaration were staff at the Human Rights Law Centre.

    Then the treatment of women and children in your Nauru camp is "just plain wrong", @PeterDutton_MP

    The irony was just too much for some people.

    "Mandatory detention of them is state-sanctioned violence," responded one person on Twitter.

    Just this week, Australia was admonished by the secretary-general of the UN for its immigration policy of mandatory detention for anyone who attempts to come to Australia by boat.

    With all that in mind, some people thought this was a more accurate depiction of Dutton's pledge should look like this:

    I fixed it for you @PeterDutton_MP @MarkDiStef @dannolan