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    People Are Playing The Glamour Shot Game And The Results Are Magnificent

    Your first name + glamour shots = Your ultimate '90s self.

    People are finding their '90s glamour spirit icons by entering their first name + "glamour shots" into Google image search and posting the first result. Here's my result for "Alex".

    The game first popped up on imgur in March.

    And then took off on Twitter, with the hashtag #GoogleYourFirstNameAndGlamourShots starting to surface in May.

    Accurate. #GoogleYourFirstNameAndGlamourShots

    So even though the glamour shot game has been around for a while, it doesn't seem to be going anywhere. Here's "George".

    Google your first name along with "glamour shot" and post the first image result. Here's mine. #glamourshot


    First pic for @jesspentz #GlamourShot


    @DesandJennie #glamourshot It's the coy sexiness I like


    #GoogleYourFirstNameAndGlamourShots hahahaha


    Googled my name with #glamourshot this is what I's very accurate


    Googled my name + #glamourshot . This was the first images.


    @AmericasMorning "Corey Glamour Shots" got me this wonderful picture #artsy




    When I type "Brett Glamour Shots" into google #GlamourShot

    Why just be plain old Mark in jeans and a tshirt, when you can be a confident man in his mid 40s, with an off-the-shoulder denim jacket, a red bandana and a dreamy, sensual look in your eyes?

    Maybe we feel like our glamour shots are a representation of our innermost desires that we refuse to express.

    Here's my #GlamourShot(see previous tweet!)

    That they somehow reveal something about ourselves that we long to share with the world.

    @MissShivvers Hilarious! I'd so many shots to choose from.This was my favourite #GoogleYourFirstNameAndGlamourShots

    In this day and age where a photoshoot just involves getting out your phone, maybe we miss the days when you outsourced your selfies to professionals?

    #GlamourShot for @Slushy51NHL ..... 😂😂😂 @OhNoAva_tK The comparison.... Not quite... Looool

    Or maybe it's just funny to imagine yourself dressed as a beautiful muscular unicorn.

    Share your glamour shot in the comments!

    Avert your eyes boys and girls! #gay #shame #speedo #funstuff #retro #GoogleYourFirstNameAndGlamourShots #glamour ##